Letter from our CEO

Suwannee Lumber Company was founded in 1954 and has been owned by the same families for more than 50 years until 2013 when Suwannee was purchased by Blue Wolf Capital. Originally, only Southern yellow pine lumber was manufactured but as the years progressed so did Suwannee Lumber Company. As we continued to maintain our status as one of the largest lumber manufacturers in Florida we became one of the largest producers of cypress mulch, colored cypress mulch and pine bark as well. In keeping with our tradition of growth and progress we acquired Stim-U-Plant, a soil production facility. For more than 26 years Stim-U-Plant provided some of the best soils in the industry. Now, that same quality and experience, is available to you from Suwannee Lumber Company.

At Suwannee Lumber Company we offer only the highest quality products, the most competitive pricing on the market and unsurpassed customer service.

On behalf of all the employees at Suwannee Lumber Company you have our guarantee that we will meet all of your product needs. Our team at Suwannee Lumber refuses to be anything but successful!

Jim Langdale, CEO

Cypress Mulch 100%

Our finest wood mulch product comprised of 100% cypress.

Gold Mulch

Our gold mulch is comprised of cypress and pine and ues a top-quality colorant.

Mini Pine Nuggets

Our nuggets are screened to be between 3/8" and 1 ½"

Earth Nourish Mulch

100% All natural wood, 1-year colorant guarantee.

Red Mulch

Our red mulch is comprised of cypress and pine, and will improve the look of any landscaped area.

Red Pine Nuggets

Colored with premium colorant, red pine nuggets help reduce weeds.